• Timothy Draper


Updated: Nov 26, 2021

This story is one of our most popular investigations and mysteries.

Since Treasures in America launch the blog titled "Underground Egyptian City Hidden in the Grand Canyon" it has spread into the world. With the overwhelming comments and questions that followed this article, Tim decided that this should be the first episode of his podcast.

Let's Step Into the Backstory of This Story

In the early 1900s, the Grand Canyon was on the radar to become a National Park for everyone to enjoy. The first thing that the United States Government wanted to do was explore this beautiful area. At this point, only natives knew the area. According to the records that I found, only a few government officials have entered this area. That's including the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

The Smithsonian Institute took on the task of hiring an expert to explore the area. Just like they did to Glen Canyon many years after, the United States Government gave a timeline to explore and document the wonders that this unexplored territory had to offer. G.E. Kincaid was the archaeologist that excepted the task of exploring the Grand Canyon. He was accompanied by a colleague to help with this long journey.

What was discovered later in their search is one of the most talked-about and questioned stories that I have found, ever! What they claimed to found would change history as we know it. So why was the story suppressed? Why did the Arizona Gazette write an article about the story, only to drop it 48 hours later?

You'll have to wait to hear the rest. Talk Treasure with Tim is scheduled to air in 2022. Stay tuned for a life changer.

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