• Timothy Draper


Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Tayos Cave and the metal library collections are well known to professionals.

Have you heard of the story that many have been involved with? Even Neil Armstrong tried to unlock its mysteries and secrets. Has everyone been looking in the wrong area?

When I first heard of the Tayos Cave, I knew there needed to be an investigation. Now I'm convisnced theres something there.

Is it possible that an ancient culture lived in Ecuador in silence? Better yet. Can you imagine giants living in an underground city in a cave system? Some say that they carved a whole city out of rock. Tunnels connecting to more tunnels of the city and creating one of the biggest lost cities in America.

It doesn't stop there. Some have said that aliens could be involved like ancient Egypt. One more thing to add. There's evidence that these giants also had a hoard of gold and silver artifacts that could be priceless in today's value.

But how could something like this be kept secret? Let's dig into that.

The Story Starts with Ancient Cultures of Ecuador

This podcast has not been released yet. Look for our podcast launch in 2022. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting but almost too crazy to believe the story.

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