• Timothy Draper


Almost every treasure worth hiding has clues left behind that can help you hit the motherload.

Tree symbols, rock carvings, rock monuments, and many other things are treasure clues. Even if you have a map that points you in the right direction, you will still need to know how to use treasure clues. In this podcast episode, I'll talk about how to make them work for you.

I've been very successfull using treasure clues once I'm in the right area. This is how you know you are on to something big!

What Are Treasure Hunting Clues?

You must keep an eye open for anything unnatural, anything. Nature doesn't make perfect lines and circles. Nature doesn't make structures or strange rock carvings. This is all done by man. If you know you're in an area that is linked to rich history and treasure, look for the obvious clues.

Rock monuments can be found miles away from a buried treasure. Tree symbols can be a couple of canyons away. Rock carvings may be in the valley as it's telling you to go into the mountains... You need to understand how to read these clues to figure out your next move.

This podcast has not been released yet. Please look for Talk Treasures with Tim in 2022.

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