• Timothy Draper


Looking for lost mines is one of my favorite things to do while treasure hunting.

Looking for old mines can be very fun but they can be extremely dangerous too. There are so many things to consider if you enter into an old mine. The mine itself could be unstable and could clasp at any time. The air could be foul and make you sick if you breathe it in. The stagnant water could release toxic fuels if disturbed.

I've been in hundreds of old mines. Lost mines have a lot to do with treasures. The Spanish and old timers would bury their gold and silver if need be.

Prospecting can be a great way to find old mines. If there are no minerals such as gold and silver in the area, then you won't find many mines. If you are looking for a Spanish treasure, there's a good chance that a lost mine or mines are close by. Many of these old mines have artifacts in them. Some were even used as a safe to hide the gold and silver behind a locked door in the mine.

There's so much to teach you so you can go out in the outdoors and be successful in locating precious minerals and mines.

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