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Timothy Draper is a real treasure hunter. Three generations of seeking lost riches have been passed down to him. Tim's dream is to tell his stories, and share his knowledge, and in return, he hopes that others can use the inspiration to look for treasures, and help others to enjoy life outdoors.

Tim believes that every treasure, myth, legend, and the story that goes with it 

has truth to it. He believes if you use real history, all treasure stories can be investigated to find the truth. Unfortunately, Tim has encountered fake treasure, news, and stories but he knows that with some investigating, these fake stories can be put to rest.

On the flip side, Tim believes that there are many stories that are discredited because of a lack of knowledge and evidence. Tim has succeeded in his research to prove or disprove these stories. 

Talk Treasure with Tim podcast episodes will help you discover new stories, new evidence, and help open your mind for new information.


Welcome to the real world of treasure hunting and historical research. 



Never be alone again. Talk Treasures with Tim is a Treasures in America Production company that is the authority in treasure hunting. Treasures in America owns several websites, all dedicated to helping the community. The resources that Treasures in America has created, only help you and the other people seeking answers. If you are interested in real treasure hunting, this is the place to start. Tim and his team can help you in many different ways. 

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