Light inside the Sterkfontein Caves in the  paleoanthropological site Cradle of Humankind



Treasure Hunter Timothy Draper


Welcome to the greatest treasure hunting podcast show in the world. I'm glad you found my show and I'm going to give you the best information and entertainment I can. 

I'm a 3rd generation treasure hunter, and I use lost history, old maps, old documents, and first account stories passed down through the years to find lost treasures. I've been taught by some of the best treasure seekers, and researchers and they have passed the torch on to me to continue hunting for lost riches and enjoying the thrill of adventure.

I believe that treasures are not just made of jewels, gold, and silver,  but finding old Spanish tree symbols and rock carvings, locating outlaw loot, exploring old ghost towns are the real treasures. The friendships and connections I've made are also priceless. Let's not forget about the adventure!

Treasure Hunting is Very Rewarding

Treasure Hunters sitting around campfire

I want you to think of my podcast show as if you were sitting around the campfire with me, telling stories. Some of my favorite pastimes have been sitting with my family and friends around the campfire. Now,  imagine what kind of stories and information come from visiting. 

Traditionally, treasure hunters either work alone or they work with a very small group. In fact, many treasure hunters don't pass down their secrets and knowledge of things that shine. I'm one of the first that I know of to break that chain! 

I don't believe it does any good to hide underground. I believe that is why treasure hunting is still not a normal conversation in America today. I want to change that. I have so much information about North America, there's no way I can do it all by myself. I thought when I created one of the best teams in America, that would change. Since I've gone public in 2016, more information keeps coming my way, information and stories that need investigating. 

This podcast was designed to do just that, teach and bring awareness to the treasure hunting community, and beyond. During my years of treasure hunting, I'm still surprised about how many people find what I do fascinating. I know for a fact I've inspired a few people to take up this lifestyle and start their own research. I've also been told that many people have also gone outdoors to find treasures in their area. 

If I can motivate and inspire a few in my lifetime, then I would say that I left something valuable. The treasure hunting methods I use are old school. Modern-day technology won't teach you this type of thing. Since I'm one of the only treasure hunters doing this, I hope you stumble across one of my websites. 

At this point, I own a few sites that can help you. The first one I created was Treasures in America. This is an authority treasure hunting equipment online store. it includes everything that you need to get started on your journey. You can purchase items there with bottom-line prices,  so low, the manufacturers are always making sure that I don't go below their prices.


I'm also proud to tell you that I'm the director and top cast member of the best treasure hunting web series you'll ever see. Uncharted Expedition is a series of episodes that have my team and me out seeking truths of treasure stories in America. This series is another great way to learn more about treasure hunting and locations. I'm always on the lookout for new treasure legends and sites. At the same time, I stumble across new info that links to an old story that links new clues. 

I'll never stop the treasure hunting lifestyle. It's in me and I've been bitten by the adventure and hunt many years ago. Listen to my podcast episodes. Watch our web series. Purchase your gear from our online store. Soon, you'll get that fever. Very much like the gold fever that hit our ancestors, so long ago.

Thanks for visiting and reading my message. Now get inspired! Get information, so you can join the hunt. Join our tribe. 

Good Luck! Be Safe! Find Your Adventure! 


Timothy C. Draper